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Syntax: take_slot_meseta register1, register2

  • register1 = Register to store initial amount of meseta to compare with meseta to be taken.
  • register2 = Register to act as the check if player has already had meseta taken.

00000000 = Meseta not taken.

00000001 = Meseta has been taken.


Used to take meseta from the players inventory. Also sets a register when the meseta has been taken.


100:     jmpi_= R4, 00000001, 102 //If register 4 equals 1 jump to function 102.
         get_slotnumber R250 //Gets the slot number of the players and stores it in register 250.
         message 00000118, Hi I am here to rob you! //Makes character id 280 say a message.
         leti R1, 000001F4 //Makes register 1 equal 000001F4. (500 dec.)
         let R2, R1 //Makes register 2 equal to register 1.
         get_slot_meseta R2 //Stores the amount of meseta in the players inventory in register 2.
         jmp_< R2, R1, 101 //If the value of register 2 is less then the value of register 1 jump to function 101.
         sync  //Waits 1 frame.
         let R2, R250 //Makes register 2 equal to the value of register 250.
         let R3, R1 //Makes register 3 equal the value of register 1.
         clear R4 //Makes register 4 equal 00000000.
         take_slot_meseta R2, R4 //Register 2 is player to take meseta from it also compares with register 3 amount of meseta to take. As long as register 2 value when it held meseta is equal to or greater then the value of register 3 the meseta will be taken, and register 4 will equal 00000001.(Register 1 above is the amount of meseta that will be taken 500 dec.)
         add_msg You have been robbed!<cr>Thank you. //Makes character id 280 say the next message.
         mesend  //Closes the message.
101:     message 00000118, You don't have enough meseta.<cr>I will just rob<cr>someone else. //Makes character id 280 say a message.
         mesend  //Closes the message.
102:     message 00000118, I already robbed you.<cr>Be on your way. //Makes character id 280 say a message.
         mesend  //Closes the message.

Also see

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