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Syntax: npc_text xxxxxxxx, String

  • xxxxxxxx (DWORD1) = Hex value of the dialogue slot the NPC will call.
  • string = Message to display


Modifies the different criteria for a party NPC to pull dialogue from while playing. Overwriting a slot replaces the old string. Each individual party NPC will speak them independently.


00: Engaging in combat

01: Near death situation

02: AoE Tech

03: ???

04: On Death

05: After Death

06: ???

07: ???

08: Taunting enemies

09: Casting Anti

0A: ???

0B: Standing still for 2 minutes

0C: ???

0D: Heavy Attacks

0E: Getting knocked down

0F: Getting hit

10: While walking

11: Being healed

12: Room cleared

13: Using an item

14: No healing items

15: Wave cleared

16: ???

17: Simple Tech


100:     npc_text 00000004, Oh no, I died!' //Sets the text that will appear when the NPC dies.

Also see

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