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Syntax: item_delete_slot DWORD

  • DWORD = Value of the item slot to be deleted.


This opcode also accepts a register. Used with get_item_id to determine the slot value of the item the player selects, usually used for trading in items, and deleting it from the player's inventory. This opcode was previously named in Qedit item_delete21FA.

Full hex lists and info here.


100:     open_pack_select //Opens the player's inventory for them to select an item.
         get_item_id R100//Stores the player's selection in R100.
         jmpi_= R100, FFFFFFFF, 200//If the player cancels the selection.
         get_item_info R100, R110//Stores the player's selection from open_pack_select into R110.
         item_delete_slot R100//Delete's the item stored in R100.
         window_msg  Your selected item has been deleted.//Message stating the item selected has been deleted.
         winend //Closes the window message.

Also see

window_msg, ret, open_pack_select, winend, get_item_info, Jmpiue