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Syntax: open_pack_select

  • Opens the item pack to select an item.


Used with get_item_id to determine the slot value of the item the player selects, often followed by get_item_info to get the item's full information.


100:     open_pack_select //Opens the player's inventory for them to select an item.
         get_item_id R100//Stores the player's selection in R100.
         jmpi_= R100, FFFFFFFF, 200//If the player cancels the selection.
         get_item_info R100, R110//Stores the player's selection from open_pack_select into R110.
200:     window_msg Canceling your selection I see?//Cancels their selection.
        winend R100//Closes the window message.

Also see

window_msg, ret, get_item_id, winend, get_item_info, Jmpiue