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Syntax: unhide_ene register1

  • register1 = Floor number.
  • register2 = Room id.
  • register3 = The set wave number on the enemy you want to unhide.
  • register4 = Delay time before the enemy appears.


Used to unhide enemy(s) through scripting.

(Important note: Make sure ALL clients interact with this!!!!!

Also, if a client is not on the floor when something is being

unhidden it won't be unhidden for them.)


100:     leti R1, 00000003 //Floor number = 3.
         leti R2, 00000006 //room id 6.
         leti R3, 00000008 //appear flag 8.
         leti R4, 00000001 //Delay time of 1.
         unhide_ene R1 //Tells where to start the continuation of registry strings to be used for the unhide enemy information.

Also see

leti, ret