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Syntax: thread Function

  • Function = Function to thread.


Used to thread a constantly running function regardless of what floor you are on.

(To thread functions that will end when the players change floors see thread_stg)

Threads allow for the threaded function to run all while letting the main script continue on.

Usually used for looping functions that jmp back on their selves (time), or when you need to preform a constant check of a register.

When using threaded functions make sure you start the threaded function with a sync.


100:     thread 101 //Threads Function 101 so that the main script can continue while 101 is going on.
101:     sync //Waits 1 frame.
         addi R1, 00000001 //Adds 00000001 to register1.
         jmp 101 //Jumps back to function 101.

Also see

sync, addi, jmp, ret