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Syntax: set_obj_param register1, register2

  • register1 = Start of continuous registers for leti arguments.

6 registers.

1st register = X position of the target cursor.

2nd register = Y position of the target cursor.

3rd register = Z position of the target cursor.

4th register = Radius, how close you have to be in order for the target to appear.

5th register = Function to call when spoken to.

6th register = How far off the ground the target cursor is.

  • register2 = Register to store the target cursor information in. This register is to be used to remove the target cursor with del_obj_param.


Used to make a target able object that will call a function when spoken to.


100:     leti R1, 0000009E //Makes register 1 equal 0000009E.
         leti R2, 00000000 //Makes register 2 equal 00000000.
         leti R3, 000000E4 //Makes register 3 equal 000000E4.
         leti R4, 0000001E //Makes register 4 equal 0000001E.
         leti R5, 00000065 //Makes register 5 equal 00000065.
         leti R6, 0000000A //Makes register 6 equal 0000000A.
         set_obj_param R1, R7 //Makes a target able object at x158, y0, z228, with a radius of 30, which will call function 101 when spoken to, the target cursor will appear 10 above ground.
101:     window_msg You have created<cr>a set_obj_param. //Display a window message.
         winend  //Closes the window message.

Also see

leti, ret, window_msg,

winend, del_obj_param