Particle id V3

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Syntax: particle_id_v3 register1

  • register1 = Particle # Used.
  • register2 = How many frames.
  • register3 = Character ID to tie the register to.
  • register4 = Y value of the particle.


Used to set a particle on a specific character, here's a link to all particle values


//This example is used to set a specific particle on player slot 1.

0:     get_slotnumber R250 //Puts the player's slot number is R250.
100:     leti R1, 00000000 //Set particle 1.
         leti R2, 00000003 //Set frames to activate particle to 3, most need a minimum of this.
         let R3, R250 //Set the particle to player slot 1.
         leti R4, 0000000A //Set the Y value of the particle to 10.
         particle_id_v3 R1 //Tells where to start the continuation of registry strings to be used for the particle ID.

Also see

ret let leti get slotnumber