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Syntax: npc_crppk_v3 Register1

  • Register1 = Start of continuous 7 Registers

1st register = Position X (decimal)

2nd register = Position Y (decimal)

3rd register = Position Z (decimal)

4th register = Rotation of NPC (decimal)

5th register = State (0 is alive, 1 is dead, 2 is Invisible Named Text Box)

6th register = NPC Template (0 - 63 in decimal, look in

7th register = Player slot. (0-3)


Used to create an NPC occupying a character slot. By default they will begin to attack the player unless npc_stop is used.

WARNING: Creating an NPC in a character slot that is occupied by a player will overwrite their character status. It is highly recommended to put failsafes and checks to prevent overwriting a player's character.


100:     leti R1, 00000208 //Makes register 1 equal 520. (X position of where the npc will spawn.)
         leti R2, 00000000 //Makes register 2 equal 520. (Y position of where the npc will spawn.).
         leti R3, 00000022 //Makes register 3 equal 34. (Z position of where the npc will spawn.)
         leti R4, 00000014 //Makes register 4 equal 20. (Rotation of spawned npc.)
         leti R5, 00000000 //Makes register 5 equal 0. (Is npc dead flag set to 00000000 for alive, 00000001 for dead and lying on the ground.)
         leti R6, 0000001B //Makes register 6 equal 27. (Preset npc number. Determines what the npc will have equipped, level, and type. 0000001B is DACCI)
         leti R7, 00000002 //Makes register 7 equal 1. (The slot id to give the npc.)
         npc_crppk_V3 R1 //Loads the npc with the leti arguments listed above.
         pl_pkon 00000001 //Allows the targeting and combat with other players/NPCs.

Also see

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