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Syntax: load_enemy_data dword

  • dword = The index of the monster in the BP file of who's stats to allow editing to.


Sets the flag used by get_physical_data, get_attack_data, get_resist_data, and get_movement_data to specify which monster to modify the behavior of.

Only takes effect for monsters spawned after the opcodes are run.

Cannot be run during function 0.


Code Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 4
00 Mothmant Mothmant Boota (Crater)
01 Monest Monest Ze Boota (Crater)
02 Savage Wolf Savage Wolf N\A
03 Barbarous Wolf Barbarous Wolf Ba Boota (Crater)
04 Poison Lily Poison Lily N\A
05 Nar Lily Nar Lily Sand Rappy (Crater)
06 Sinow Beat Sinow Berill Del Rappy (Crater)
07 Canadine Gee Zu (Crater)
08 Canadine (Ring) N\A Panzuzu (Crater)
09 Canane N\A Astark (Crater)
0A Chaos Sorcerer Chaos Sorcerer N\A
0B Bee R Bee R N\A
0C Bee L Bee L N\A
0D Chaos Bringer Delbiter Satellite Lizard (Crater)
0E Dark Belra Dark Belra Yowie (Crater)
0F De Rol Le (Body) Barba Ray Dorphon (Crater)
10 De Rol Le (Shell) Pig Ray Dorphon Eclair (Crater)
11 De Rol Le (Mine) Ul Ray Goran (Desert)
12 Dragon Gol Dragon Pyro Goran (Desert)
13 Sinow Gold Sinow Spigell Goran Detonator (Desert)
14 N\A N\A N\A
15 N\A N\A N\A
16 N\A N\A N\A
17 N\A N\A Sand Rappy (Desert)
18 Rag Rappy Rag Rappy Del Rappy (Desert)
19 Al Rappy Love Rappy Merissa A (Desert)
1A Nano Dragon Gi Gue Merissa AA (Desert)
1B Dubchic Dubchic Zu (Desert)
1C Gilchic Gillchic Panzuzu (Desert)
1D Garanz Garanz Satellite Lizard (Desert)
1E Dark Gunner Gal Gryphen Yowie (Desert)
1F Bul Claw N\A Girtablululu (Desert)
20 Claw N\A Saint-Million (Phase 1)
21 Vol Opt (phase 1 Core) N\A Spinner (Phase 1)
22 Vol Opt (Phase 1 Pillar) N\A Saint-Million (Phase 2)
23 Vol Opt (Phase 1 Screen) Epsilon Spinner (Phase 2)
24 Vol Opt (Phase 1 Amplifier) Epsigard Shambertin (Phase 1)
25 Vol Opt (Phase 2 Core) Del Lily Spinner (Phase 1)
26 Vol Opt (Phase 2 Trap) Ill Gill Shambertin (Phase 2)
27 N\A N\A Spinner (Phase 2)
28 N\A N\A Kondrieu (Phase 1)
29 N\A N\A Spinner (Phase 1)
2A N\A N\A Kondrieu (Phase 2)
2B N\A Olga Flow (Phase 1) Spinner (Phase 2)
2C N\A Olga Flow (Phase 2) N\A
2D N\A Gael N\A
2E N\A Giel N\A
2F N\A N\A N\A
30 Pofuilly Slime Deldepth N\A
31 Pan Arms Pan Arms N\A
32 Hidoom Hidoom N\A
33 Migiam Migium N\A
34 Pouilly Slime N\A N\A
35 Darvant (Phase 0 Spinner) N\A N\A
36 Dark Falz (Phase 1) N\A N\A
37 Dark Falz (Phase 2) N\A N\A
38 Dark Falz (Phase 3) N\A N\A
39 Darvant (Phase 2 Spinner) N\A N\A
3A N\A Mericarol N\A
3B N\A Ul Gibbon N\A
3C N\A Zol Gibbon N\A
3D N\A Gibbles N\A
3E N\A N\A N\A
3F N\A N\A N\A
40 N\A Morfos N\A
41 N\A Recobox N\A
42 N\A Recon N\A
43 N\A Sinow Zoa N\A
44 N\A Sinow Zele N\A
45 N\A Merikle N\A
46 N\A Mericus N\A
47 Dubswitch Dubswitch N\A
48 Hildebear Hildebear N\A
49 Hildeblue Hildeblue N\A
4A Booma Merillia N\A
4B Gobooma Meriltas N\A
4C Gigabooma N\A N\A
4D Grass Assassin Grass Assassin N\A
4E Evil Shark Dolmolm N\A
4F Pal Shark Dolmdarl N\A
50 Guil Shark N\A N\A
51 Delsaber Delsaber N\A
52 Dimenian Dimenian N\A
53 La Dimenian La Dimenian N\A
54 So Dimenian So Dimenian N\A
55 N\A N\A N\A
56 N\A N\A N\A
57 N\A N\A N\A
58 N\A N\A N\A
59 N\A N\A N\A
5A N\A N\A N\A
5B N\A N\A N\A
5C N\A N\A N\A
5D N\A N\A N\A
5E N\A N\A N\A
5F N\A N\A N\A
60 N\A N\A N\A


100:     load_enemy_data 0000000D //Load Delbiter
         get_physical_data 1531 //Give Delbiters the physical stats found at label 1531
         get_resist_data 1532 //Give Delbiters the resistance stats found at label 1532
         load_enemy_data 00000030 //Load Deldepth
         get_physical_data 1541 //Give Deldepths the physical stats found at label 1541
         get_resist_data 1542 //Give Deldepths the resistance stats found at label 1542

Also see

get_physical_data, get_attack_data, get_resist_data, get_movement_data, ret