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Syntax: item_check register output

  • register = Starting register in a set of 3, this denotes the weapon you are checking for.
  • output = The register the output of the check is stored in. Returns FFFFFFFF if no item was found, otherwise returns the slot number.


Use to check for an item in inventory. This checks the inventory of the player who triggers/encounters this script. IE: If player 1 presses a button that fires the function, it checks their inventory.


100:     leti R40 00000000 options //Sets these registers to 3 bytes of 00 45 01 this denotes the Snow Queen
         leti R41 00000045
         leti R42 00000001
         item_check R40 R200 //Check for the Snow Queen as denoted by register R40 (through 42) and store the result in R200
         jmpi_!= R200, FFFFFFFF, 101 //If R200 is NOT equal to -1 go to function 101

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