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Syntax: get_pl_name? register 1

  • register 1 = Register to be used to store the slot of player name data. This register is also used as output, and is set to 0 or 1 depending on failure or success for the opcode.

Register 1 values

00000000 = Red gem player.

00000001 = Green gem player.

00000002 = Yellow gem player.

00000003 = Blue gem player.


This opcode is used to display a players name to be used in text when <pl_name> appears in text.


100:     sync_register R1, 00000000 //Tells all clients to store the red gem players character slot number in register 1.
         get_pl_name? R1 //Stores the name of the player in the slot value in register 1 to be displayed when <pl_name> is used in text.
         window_msg <pl_name> has received an item. //Displays a window message.
         winend  //Closes the window message.

Also see

sync_register, window_msg, winend, ret