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Syntax: get_chara_class register 1, register 2

  • register 1 = Reserved register 250 to get the players slot number.
  • register 2 = Register to store characters class in.

NOTE: This Opcode returns 2 values. The 2nd register used will be the next register to the register specified for register 2

Class values

Returned value 1:

Human : 00

Newman : 01

Cast : 02

Returned Value 2:

Hunter: 00

Ranger : 01

Force : 02


Used to store the characters class of the players in a register. For example you could make an npc say different things depending on what class the character is playing as with the appropriate jumps.


100:     get_slotnumber R250 //Stores the value of the slot the player is in in register 250.
         get_chara_class R250, R1 //Stores the characters' race in register 1 and class type in register 2.

Also see

get_slotnumber, ret, reservedregisters