Floor player detect

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Syntax: floor_player_detect register1

  • register1 = Start of continuous registers.

4 registers

1st register = Value of if red gem player on floor.

2nd register = Value of if green gem player on floor.

3rd register = Value of if yellow gem player on floor.

4th register = Value of if blue gem player on floor?.


00000000 = Player is not on floor.

00000001 = Player is on floor.


Used to set a register based on the players slot number if a player is on the floor where this op code is encountered.


100:     thread_stg 101 //Threads function 101 for as long as you are on the current floor.
101:     sync  //Waits 1 frame.
         floor_player_detect R1 //Finds out of players are on the floor or not and stores a check for each
                                  player slot in register 1 (slot 1), register 2 (slot 2), register 3
                                  (slot 3), register 4 (slot 4) if the player is on the floor the value of
                                  their slots register will equal 00000001. if the player is not on the
                                  floor the value oftheir slots register will equal 00000000.
         jmp 101 //Jumps to function 101.

Also see

thread_stg, ret, sync, jmp,

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