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Syntax: enable_bgmctrl xxxxxxxx

  • xxxxxxxx = value of back ground music to play.

Values of back ground music to play

Nothing 00000000

epi1.adx 00000001

epi2.apx 00000002

ED_Piano 00000003

matter.adx 00000004

open.adx 00000005

dreams.adx 00000006

mambo.adx 00000007

carnival.adx 00000008

hearts.adx 00000009

smiles.adx 0000000A

nomal.adx 0000000B

chu_f.adx 0000000C

Ending_loop.adx 0000000D

DreamS_Kids,adx 0000000E

Escape.adx 0000000F

live.adx 00000010

Miles.adx 00000011


Used to start playing the background music specified in the value.

Note: If all clients do not interact with this it will only change the back ground music for the player who did interact with this.


100:     sync  //Waits 1 frame.
         create_bgmctrl  //Allows the back ground music to change.
101:     call 100 //Calls function 100.
         sync  //Waits 1 frame.
         enable_bgmctrl 00000001 //Starts playing back ground music 00000001 epi1.adx.

Also see

sync, create_bgmctrl, ret, call