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Syntax: disable_movement1 xxxxxxxx

  • xxxxxxxx (DWORD) = Hex value of player you wish to disable the movement of.


Used to disable the movements of a specified player. Use enable_movement1 to enable movements. However this has been superseded by disable_movement2 which allows the use of a register.


100:     call 200 //Call cinematic effect start function
         cam_quake //Shake Camera
         window_msg 'Earthquake!'
         call 201 //Call cinematic effect end function
200:     p_action_disable //Disable players actions
         disable_movement1 000000000 //Disable Character 1's movement
         disable_movement1 000000001 //Disable Character 2's movement
         disable_movement1 000000002 //Disable Character 3's movement
         disable_movement1 000000003 //Disable Character 4's movement
         hud_hide //Hide players HUD
         cine_enable //Enable cinematic mode
         cam_zmin //Zoom in camera
201:     cam_zmout //Zoom out camera
         cine_disable //Disable cinematic mode
         hud_show //Show players HUD
         enable_movement1 000000000 //Enable Character 1's movement
         enable_movement1 000000001 //Enable Character 2's movement
         enable_movement1 000000002 //Enable Character 3's movement
         enable_movement1 000000003 //Enable Character 4's movement
         p_action_enable //Enable players actions

Also see

window_msg, winend, call, ret, cam_quake, p_action_enable, enable_movement1, cam_quake, hud_hide, hud_show, cine_enable, cine_disable, cam_zmin, cam_zmout