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Syntax: Call image data XXXXXXXX, Function

  • Function = Function that calls the image data
  • x = Data string that contains the image data (auto generated by the function itself)


Used to inject an image into a quest. Image is displayed on the object "image board", only available in Pioneer 2

NOTE: Quests only support 1 image per quest. Supported file types listed below. Make images a measurement divisible by 2 and a perfect square. Ex. 2x2 4x4 8x8 etc

Dreamcast/PCv2 - .pvm

Gamecube - .gvr

Xbox - .xvr

Blue Burst - .xvr


0:     set_floor_handler 00000000 100 //Sets the function to be loaded when arriving on the specified floor
100:     Call_image_data 1000 //Image data to be called at the desired function (Brings up a file load window)
1000:          HEX: //The data in this function will be automatically generated when you choose the image to load in function 100.

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