Barebones function 38

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Barebones function 38

Function 38: 38:

  • Function 38 = Part of jump sequence. Forest console count up timer winning.

Jump sequence

Jump sequence name: Forest console count up timer winning.

Barebones function 31, = Function 31 goes on the forest console when using a count up timer for winning console. Has a disable console use to start with after being used once, Sets register 32 which disables quest failure message count up timer. Jumps to function 34.

Barebones function 34, = Disables the use for the forest console for a count up timer winning. Begins the first phase of time attack info conversion. Call function 35.

Barebones function 35, = Second phase of time attack information conversion. Calls function 36

Barebones function 36, = Turns off the clock. Tells the quest giver to now say the winning cinematic speech when encountered. Sets the register choice for threaded function 37.

Barebones function 37, = Threaded when the quest began in function 10500. Constantly checks register 36 and register 37. Option to turn off threaded function 37. Jumps to function 38.

Barebones function 38, = Calls function 39. Sets register to turn off threaded function 37.

Barebones function 39, = Enters cinematic mode stopping players. Unlocks a door (Usually this will be to turn off a laser fence or open a door to a room containing teleporter leading back to pioneer 2/labo.) Displays winning console message. Closes winning console message. Displays time attack information. Exits cinematic mode returning control to the player.

Barebones function 1, = Used to end threads or functions.


Function 38 calls function 39. Sets register to turn off threaded function 37.

How the function appears in the script

38:      sync  //Waits 1 frame.
         call 39 //Calls function 39.
         sync_register R37, 00000001 //Makes register 37 equal register 00000001 for all players.

Also see

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