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Syntax: ba_initial_floor xxxxxxxx

  • xxxxxxxx = Floor id the players will start the quest on.


Used in function 0 to change the floor players start the quest on. Sega used this prior to initial floor for Challenge and Battle Mode in DC.

  • 00000000 = Player will spawn on floor 16, Battle Spaceship.
  • 00000001 = Player will spawn on floor 17, Palace.
  • 00000002 = Player will spawn on floor 0, Pioneer 2.

All subsequent floors follow the normal pattern (Forest 1, Forest 2, etc.). Values above 18 (00000012) are not recommended.


0:       set_episode 00000000 //Quests episode set to episode 1. On DC this OpCode is not needed.
         ba_initial_floor 00000001 //Players will start the quest on floor 17.

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