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Syntax: BB_Map_Designate ww, xxxx, yy, zz

  • ww = Floor number to place the map on.
  • xxxx = Map number to place on that floor.
  • yy = Map variation number.
  • zz = unknown, leave at 00.


Specifies which map to load when entering a floor. Floors number up from 0 being pioneer2 or labo. Map numbers can be found in the table here.

For Blue Burst use only. For GC see map_designate_ex. For v1 and v2 see map_designate.


0:       set_episode 00000001  //Defines we are playing in episode 2
         BB_Map_Designate 00, 0012, 00, 00  //Sets floor 0 to Labo
         BB_Map_Designate 0A, 001C, 02, 00  //Sets floor 10 to Seabed Upper variation 3
         BB_Map_Designate 0B, 001D, 02, 00  //Sets floor 11 to Seabed Lower variation 3
         BB_Map_Designate 0D, 001F, 00, 00  //Sets floor 13 to Olga Flow
         set_floor_handler 0000000A, 100  //Run label 100 when entering floor 10 (Seabed Upper)
         set_floor_handler 0000000B, 200  //Run label 200 when entering floor 11 (Seabed Lower)
         set_floor_handler 0000000D, 300  //Run label 300 when entering floor 13 (Olga Flow)
         initial_floor 0000000A  //Start players in Seabed Upper
         get_difflvl2 R252  //Store off the difficulty for later use
         get_number_of_player1 R251  //Store off the number of players for later use
0:       ret

Also see

set_episode, set_floor_handler, initial_floor, map_designate_ex, map_designate, get_difflvl2, get_number_of_player1, ret