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Syntax: at_coords_call register1

  • register1 = start of continuous registers.

5 registers

1st register = Position x. (In dec.)

2nd register = Position y. (In dec.)

3rd register = Position z. (In dec.)

4th register = Collision radius. (In dec.)

5ht register = Function to call. (In dec.)


Used to create a script collision through scripting.


1:       ret 
100:     call 101 //Calls function 101.
101:     leti R1, 0000002D //Makes register 1 equal 0000002D.
         leti R2, 00000000 //Makes register 2 equal 00000000.
         leti R3, FFFFFF56 //Makes register 3 equal FFFFFF56.
         leti R4, 0000001E //Makes register 4 equal 0000001E.
         leti R5, 00000066 //Makes register 5 equal 00000066.
         at_coords_call R1 //Creates a script collision at register 1 (x position), register 2 (y position), register 3(z position), with a collision radius of register 4 (30), and calls function in register 5 (function 102).
102:     jmpi_= R6, 00000001, 1 //IF register 6 equals 00000001 jump to function 1.
         leti R6, 00000001 //Makes register 6 equal 00000001.
         window_msg You just stepped in a<cr>script collision made<cr>through scripting. //Displays a window message.
         winend  //Closes the window message.

Also see

ret, call, leti,

jmpi_=, window_msg, winend