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  816 | New Mop-up Operation #1


  Military Commission:
  Eradicate the outbreak
  of monsters around
  the crater.


  Client: Military Personnel
  Commission Details:
    We would like you to
    eradicate the outbreak
    of monsters around the
  Reward: ??? Meseta

Episode IV > Normal > Extermination


No official translation available, but a free-to-use fan translation has been provided by Fudgenugget ([1]).

There was said to be a bug that didn't allow completion of the quest, and therefore collection of the quest's unique prize, and this was reportedly fixed by changing the switch IDs of laser fences #65 and #66 in the Crater Area (Eastern Route) to 20 from 26.

The debug menu has been removed from this quest.

No # character in page name as it doesn't behave nicely on MediaWiki.


quest816_e_No_Debug_Unofficial_Translation.qst (Unofficial English translation)